The Process

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a Digital Legacy video portrait increases the value of both exponentially. 

It is a priceless gift for the future.


 Our initial process is dedicated to assembling as many stories and photographs as possible. The more photos, the more interesting the video. On our first visit we digitize all the family photos we will use in the video and get you started thinking about the stories you would like to tell. The interview is the backbone of your DIGITAL LEGACY. Photos add detail to your stories. They take the viewer back in time and document change through the years. On our second visit we bring the lights and two video cameras. We conduct a relaxed interview and record you in a comfortable setting. If you have a family member who would like to tell a story about you, we’ll include them in your DIGITAL LEGACY as well. It takes about two weeks to edit your interview, photos and background music together. When it is complete you will have a new family heirloom. A premiere party to debut your DIGITAL LEGACY video is a great way to share your story!

 Early childhood memories, stories about parents, grandparents & siblings, school experiences, meeting your mate, wedding, different homes, with children and grandkids.


Everyone has a few favorite stories that get told again and again. These anecdotes give insight and capture your personality for future generations. Family legends and traditions have a beginning - fill us in. Stories of immigrant ancestors coming to America are illuminating. No one tells your story better than you. We can save it forever!